A “Humbled” Insight into the CBD Making Process

A “Humbled” Insight into the CBD Making Process

So much of the world is fascinated by CBD, and an astounding number of people now use it daily in order to find relief from their symptoms. Despite the fact that the hemp plant is more popular than ever before, so many of us still don’t know exactly what’s in that bottle of CBD oil, or how the hemp plant is turned into such a potent extract.

The CBD Creation Process
If you’ve been wondering what journey the hemp plant goes on to become that CBD product that’s sitting on your shelf, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’ll be talking about the fascinating process of “making” CBD – that is, taking plant material and turning it into a wellness product that can be put on the market.  As you’ll see, the process is nothing short of intriguing, just like CBD itself. 

Step #1: Find the Right Farmer
The truth is that CBD is only as good as the hemp crops.  That’s why a company must take a lot of time to carefully select the right hemp farmer.  Today, it’s legal to cultivate hemp in the United States, which means that a CBD brand must take extra care to make sure that the farmer they choose is producing the very best plant material possible. 

There are certain things to look for when choosing a hemp farmer, such as whether or not they’re growing their plants organically, and whether or not they’re using feminized seeds.  Of course, a company must also make sure that they can trust their farmer, as they will be having a very close relationship with them.

Step #2: Grow the Perfect Hemp
Growing hemp isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Sure, hemp is a plant that thrives in most parts of the United States, but still, there are a lot of things that can go wrong during the farming process.  Hemp that’s gonna be used for CBD products must be free of impurities that can get into the soil and destroy the integrity of the plant.  So, farmers must be very careful to protect their plants at all costs.

Step #3: Extract the Plant Material into a Concentrate
Once the hemp plant reaches the right level of maturity, it can be picked for the extraction process.  The extraction process simply refers to the process of turning the plant material into an oil-based extract that’s highly concentrated.  As you can imagine, in order to turn hemp into a concentrate, a whole lot of plant material must go into making a milliliter of extract.  This is why CBD can be a bit pricey.

Now, there are a few different types of extraction processes out there, but it’s widely believed that none of them beat the CO2 method.  This method involves the use of CO2 that is pressurized and pushed through the plant material.  What remains is an oil that contains all of the unique chemical compounds in the plant in abundance.

The CO2 method is considered the best one because it doesn’t expose the plant material to temperatures and other environmental factors that can take away from the potential benefits of the plant’s chemical composition.

Now, remember that CBD is just one cannabinoid in the hemp plant, and there are many more.  The hemp plant is naturally rich in both cannabinoids and terpenes, which are different types of compounds.  And, it’s believed that each compound in the hemp plant has its own unique potential benefits.  So, there are three type of extracts, each one containing a different variety of compounds.

  • Full Spectrum: Contains every plant compound that’s in the hemp plant, including THC.  However, the THC level is below 0.3 percent because that’s how much naturally exists in hemp.  Therefore, it won’t get you high.
  • Broad Spectrum: Contains every plant compound except for THC.
  • CBD Isolate: Simply CBD extract without any other compounds that are found in the hemp plant.

Step #4: Decarboxylation Time
Now that the CBD extract is ready, it must be decarboxylated.  This is a process that involves exposing the extract to a specific level of heat.  What this heat does is activate the compounds so that they are more bioavailable.  If you’ve ever smoked cannabis before, you know that the act of smoking it activates it by exposing the plant to heat.  By activating these compounds, they affect us more profoundly.  It’s also worth pointing out that occasionally, you’ll find a CBD product that has not been decarboxylated, because some believe that certain compounds are more beneficial in their raw form.

Step #5: Send it Off to a Lab
Now, the CBD must be tested by a third-party laboratory.  This allows a CBD company to know for certain that their product is pure and high in quality.  It also gives customers confidence that what they’re getting is the real deal.  Besides testing for quality and purity, a lab will be able to identify the unique breakdown of chemical compounds.

Step #6: Create a Formula
Now, what the company has is a CBD extract that has been proven by a laboratory to be high in quality and pure.  This means that a company can now add their extract to a formula in order to produce a product.  You know by now that there are lots of different kinds of CBD products on the market, including edibles, tinctures, topicals, vape oils, and even products for pets.  Each type of product requires its own unique formula.

For example, a CBD vape oil must be combined with vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.  These two ingredients are necessary if you want an e-liquid to be turned into vapor when heat is applied to it via a coil.  Also, a CBD vape oil will often have some sort of flavoring.  Similarly, a CBD tincture must be combined with a carrier oil that is easily digestible. 

It’s a CBD company’s responsibility to make sure that the formulas with which they blend their CBD are just as high in quality as the CBD extract itself.  After all, many people take CBD daily, so they want to know that what they’re consuming is good for them. 

Step #7: Package It
The last step in this process is packaging.  A CBD company needs to package their product in a way that’s attractive and eye-catching.  Perhaps more importantly, their packaging must comply with federal regulations regarding how CBD can be marketed and sold.  And, a CBD product package should be as informative as possible, so the customer knows how to use the product and what’s inside the packaging.

How Humble Juice Co CBD Does It Right
It’s clear that making CBD requires a lot of time, effort and care.  At Humble CBD, we are dedicated to making sure that every step of the process is done with the highest standards possible.  Our farmers proudly cultivate some of the best hemp crops in the country, and our extraction process is done properly.  Additionally, our formulas are clean in terms of their ingredients.

Process of Creating a CBD Product is Quite Fascinating Indeed
In order to create such a powerfully potent and potentially beneficial product, every step of the process needs to be executed flawlessly.  Now, you can understand why it’s crucial that you find the right brand from which to buy your CBD.  And, we at Humble are proud to say that every step of our CBD-making process is held to the highest standards.