Following TSA Guidelines When Flying With CBD

Following TSA Guidelines When Flying With CBD

Those who take CBD regularly most likely will bring it with them on their travels.  However, CBD enthusiasts aren’t quite sure whether or not they are allowed to bring CBD with them on a plane.  And, we hate to break it to you, but there isn’t exactly a clear-cut answer.  But there are definitely ways to make it almost impossible to get in trouble for traveling with CBD, and we will be breaking down each one so that your airport security experience can go as smoothly as possible the next time you take a trip.

Is it Legal to Travel with CBD?
Here’s the thing: technically, CBD is considered illegal according to the TSA. That’s because the TSA has outlawed the cannabis family as a whole (including hemp) failing to see the distinction between CBD and marijuana. However, people still get away with bringing CBD in their luggage daily — how is that possible?

For one thing, the TSA is far more interested in looking for weapons than for any substances that they deem illicit.  Think about how many bags they must go through daily.  If they were searching through every single bottle of liquid and every single capsule, people would miss their flights all the time.  So, they have to stick to their top priority, with is guns, bombs and the like.

Also, the TSA understands that lots of Americans somewhat rely on CBD for potential relief from their symptoms.  This is why the majority of agents let it slide when they encounter a CBD tincture bottle in a piece of luggage.

Take note, when it comes to traveling abroad with any cannabis-related products, this can be risky due to strict regulations in some countries.

Tips for Bringing CBD with You on a Plane
Now, let’s get into the ways in which you can strongly minimize the chances of getting in trouble for trying to bring CBD onto an airplane.

Being Courteous Counts
Your TSA agents have a tough job, so they appreciate when travelers are friendly, cooperative and courteous.  If you’re rude to a TSA agent, they’re more likely to stop you for something.  Even worse, bad behavior can make you look suspicious, which can get you into serious trouble at the airport.

Follow the Guidelines Regarding Luggage Items
The TSA has very strict rules regarding how items may be packed, and this is especially the case with liquids.  Make sure to check these rules beforehand, as breaking them increases your chances of having your items confiscated.  The last thing that you want to happen is a TSA agent taking away your precious CBD oil because you forgot to put it in the appropriately sized bottle, after all.

Keep Your CBD in the Package It Came in, if Possible
If you keep your CBD item in the package that it came in, you’re less likely to raise alarms.  Remember that CBD and marijuana smell suspiciously similar to each other, and a TSA agent may be less likely to be cool with what they perceive to be an intoxicating marijuana extract.  If they can clearly see that it’s CBD and not marijuana, they’ll probably be more lenient.

Put it In Your Carry-On
Contrary to popular belief, the TSA seem to be more lenient with items that are in a carry-on bag rather than checked bags.  This is likely because of the fact that, as we said, they’re looking for weapons, and it’s easier to store weapons in larger bags.  So, this is why we recommend putting your CBD in your carry-on.  Basically, TSA agents spend less time looking through these bags than the larger ones that you bring with you.

Provide Any Documents You Have
If you happen to have documentation regarding your CBD, bring it.  This way, in the rare event that a TSA agent has questions about your CBD, you can provide them with information.  This means that if you can print up lab reports regarding the CBD, do so.  This will prove that the product does not contain any intoxicating or dangerous ingredients.  And, if you happen to be taking CBD because your doctor recommended it, bring a doctor’s note.  The TSA is far more likely to be understanding if they believe that your doctor ordered you to take CBD for health reasons.

Always Assume a TSA Agent is Strict
Not all TSA agents are exactly the same in terms of demeanor and standards.  Some are far more lenient than others.  However, it’s always best to assume that every TSA agent that you encounter is strict and enforces the rules thoroughly.  Just because the agent at the last airport barely looked through your luggage doesn’t mean that the next agent you encounter won’t be much more thorough.

Don’t Vape CBD In the Airport or On the Plane
Lastly, bear in mind that you can never, ever vape on an airplane or in an airport.  Vaping in general is strictly prohibited in both of these locations, and if you are caught, you will almost definitely be penalized heavily.  Planes have been grounded because of a person who decided that they can start vaping midflight.  And, you really don’t want to be that person, do you?

While Rules Regarding CBD and Travel on an Airplane May Be Complicated…
Your experience doesn’t have to be.  Stick to these rules and you should be in the clear.  And, remember that vaping CBD in an airport or on a plane will get you into trouble no matter what.