About Us - Our Story

A tree’s beauty lies in its branches,
but its strength lies in its roots.

- Matshona Dhilwayo

Life will knock you down, make you doubt yourself.

But when you find something you’re truly passionate about,
adversity is a gift.

It unleashes creativity and makes you stronger.

The key is to find what moves you and then keep pursuing it.

When you overcome your obstacles, the victory is sweet.

Keep working, striving, & persevering.

- Daniel Clark



We offer a range of CBD & Hemp derived products to aid the focus, relaxation, and recovery of individuals in need through their journey of choice.

Just “Chew, Drop, Drip, Hit, Refill, Roll, or Rub” specific products and take advantage of the benefits.

We embark to inspire and share perspective of hemp extract for your journey.

Our mission is to enlighten board-sport enthusiasts of the benefits of CBD use in everyday life.

We aim to support Southern California's "Virtous Hedonists" who participate in or are enthusiasts of board sports.

Surf Skate. Snow. And beyond.